December 1, 2021

  • Christmas fast approaching

    2021tree After watching Hallmark movies for the season I did decided to put this little tree up. We had trouble getting it out of the box after years I guess it settled in.

    I have many more ornaments but am not physically up to it. I don't know if Wil is going to be able to re-pack these. He always had that job. I did put Scott's little mouse under there again. I also have a 3 piece Nativity up.

    On the dinning room table is Scott's little tree, no way would I put it on the bay window as Mr.Grey goes from one window to another there. No where to put the plant that is there now. Then in the living room on the stand at the end of the couch is Carissa's Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Yesterday it was obvious Juan didn't know what that was. :-) I remember the year she got it, not the date but the fact she had it up on her mantle.  I'm so glad I found it still boxed in what was once a garage. I don't think she ever put it up again. In fact her big tree was never unboxed and put up. I didn't try to salvage it.

    Wil really showed interest when I put the red bows on. He did like the lights (battery operated) once I had them up. At the price of batteries I'm hesitant to have them on often, but lights are one of the main reasons I decided on the tree.

    So far Mr. Grey is playing with the little antenna balls under Scott's tree. Think one is missing. Scott would probably get a kick out of him playing with them. All the ornaments on that tree can't be removed. It was a desk top tree Carissa had bought for his office.

    Monday I had another type back injection, series of 3 one more to go. Yesterday I did really well, so far today not as much and I have to go buy a tile removal tool so Juan can get new tile in the hallway. Wil and Scott tiled that section and most of the house probably in 1976 when we moved in. For sticky back tile it has lasted well. Still can't figure out how the skid on my walker caught the corner of a couple.

    I also need to order some filters for the air conditioning and when I go out for that tool get them.

    Our Thanksgiving plates never came as Lydia's mom died. Millie did come in P.M. with a huge dish full.

    Sat here long enough so must move.  Thanks for visiting.

November 14, 2021

  • A new month, I'm behind again

    I only belong to 3 psp groups now and like here I'm behind in them. Last week I missed almost all of Rev. Valverde's lessons and have them to catch up on. The news groups I subscribe to I'm only skimming the email and then don't read the article. Seeing politics on TV is just enough of late. I'm like Wil now I can drop off to sleep really quick, of course reruns will do that.

    5 a.m. I got busy assembling stuff for crock pot roast for supper. Spectrum showed up at dinner time and it's a good thing, we could not open the new mayo jar. He did it for me. Then I got Wil his chicken salad sandwich and potato chips for lunch. He didn't want a second sandwich so here it is 2 p.m. and I find him digging into the container of coleslaw!  I fussed at him and he put it back and got out of the kitchen. I've had to hide my breakfast bread because one day I found less bread so glad the sandwiches were not on that days menu. I just now made him a cup of coffee.

    This week I have to call the IRS after Carissa got a letter here. I sent them a copy of her death certificate back in April. I only know that date now because they mention an "inquiry" from her then. I also paid her bill in full and they mention it takes them 60 days to process and it is well past 60 days. Going to be an interesting call but I doubt I get the woman that signed the letter.

    My next concern is what information I need when I have to hire someone to do OUR taxes.

    I'm progressing with walking in my house but catch myself limping when I'm not using the walker or a wall.  I've been dismissed from PT as has Wil. All he did was walk with the therapist and one day he walked with me. If I ever get him to do that again I will be surprised.

    Finally a VA social worker called me. She is to put in a request for a psch/neuro appt. to see what they can determine about his dementia. She was determined it is illegal for him to sign anything and even wanted the name of the lawyer that allowed it. She didn't get it. She checked his record with the clinic and not a darned soul made any mention of dementia!  No wonder when I fell Kate could get no where with them!

    This week on Thursday I see the surgeon and get an Xray. I am driving with permission once he learned I could walk 2 blocks. In other words down our street and back is 2. Slow going coming back. lol Then the following week I think it is I get another epidural to help with the 'severe' spinal stenosis. (doctor says severe) Had the first, think it has helped some, got one good night of sleep.

    I'm debating about any Christmas decorations this year. Lydia has said they are making us a plate for Thanksgiving. Millie thought maybe we could join her family but I don't know how Wil would react with strange house and strangers. Thinking of holiday just makes me sad.  I don't know that I will send any cards this year either. If someone doesn't know we lost Carissa that will be a shock and maybe make them feel sad. I know how I felt when I learned sister Pat died last Nov. and Michael never told anyone. I just signed the second release so maybe now he can get her estate settled. I still can't believe the courts of Ohio would not let him because he lives in PA.  I have yet to write him as I've no way of knowing if he would accept it or send it back unopened like they did the card for Christmas I sent them after mom died.

    Babbled on enough. Hope all reading are well.


October 19, 2021

  • Sad day filled with tears

    I thought I was prepared, but you really can't prepare and I knew that. Carissa's Sparkle had cancer behind her eye. I did not pay the $980 for a biopsy and wait 5 to 7 days. They knew what they were looking at. They offered to load her up with pain medicine and bring her back so I could say goodbye. I couldn't do that. She will be cremated and her ashes returned to me for burial. 20210525

October 11, 2021

  • Birthday with cards

    While I won't have cards from daughter I did get cards from friends. Even an anniversary card for us. The card from Kate made me laugh so hard as it was cats meowing the song.

    So what have I done today? A call to Barclay Bank. Apparently AARP picked them instead of Chase for their credit cards. We got no notice and they have not even sent a bill but dunned me with late charges.  I don't want a card for them, Wil can't use one either, so when they are paid I will not use their card they will send him. I just put a copy of the durable power of attorney in the mail so when the time comes I can close it.  She did say they would waive late fees. We'll see. This was just another something I didn't need. I'm glad I did not renew membership in AARP as well.

    It's 10 a.m. Wil just got up. His PT just called and cancelled. I don't know where mine is. Maybe he decided since it is my birthday he would give me a break. It's just another day.

    Saw the surgeon Thursday, have to go back in 6 wks. for an Xray and appt. I don't know as I will hire someone to stay with Wil this time.  Last time he didn't eat his cereal, told her he didn't want it but he had a little breakfast bun with his coffee. Then he muddled about in his desk then went and sat in the recliner. The volume was so low on the TV he wouldn't of heard it.

    Then Friday we saw the primary who was more concerned as I am thin, 126 lbs. Wil lost weight but doesn't look as fragile as I do. We left there and I had Helen drive us to the credit union so I could get cash. I will pay her to do the floors. Coming home we went to Acadiana were we have not eaten since the pandemic. Prices much higher $35.50 for 3 of us but add in $10 tip that is more than I wish to spend when I can get a hamburger cheaper. I understand they had to raise prices as food costs them more.

    These two days wore me out. Saturday I slept half the day sitting in the recliner. I've never done that! Wil didn't wake me at lunch time.  I don't know if he got himself anything to eat or did he sleep too?

    Two images for you. Miss Kitty the feral I paid to have spayed, and what is in my femur now.2021missKitty femurSized

September 19, 2021

  • Sunny Sunday

    Friday I was discharged from the hospital. I've done a couple loads of laundry with Wil's help. Standing at the dryer and folding and hanging is difficult.  Managed to get one litter pan renewed as Wil took it out to hose out then I dried it out sitting in the garage. Harder to get around those pans with the walker in front of me.

    I have ordered a tray for the walker to help me get around with 'stuff'. I have a tool to pick up items dropped, my problem I knock it off my walker.  I have a tool to help me get my sock on the bad leg, managed both days since getting home. Wil helped at first but since I'm up before him I need to get dressed right off.  It was wearing slippers that caused me to trip off a grass runner and land on the ground and I did not have my pendent on to call for help. I'm wearing it now only put it in the charger when I go to bed.

    I fix meals and Wil delivers mine to where I'm sitting. Then he brings his plate. That card table serves a purpose in our living room though my friends took it down as to them it was in the way. When I first went in the hospital Keith from church stayed all night with Wil. Of course he couldn't keep it up and the VA was of NO help. So Alice took over that spot, great lady. I don't know if her husband took a turn when he got back.

    The Committee at Rehab didn't want me to come home until Tues. but I decided it would be Friday. No matter how much OT and PT you get it will not solve all things you face at home.

    I had a commode thing to help me up, ended up having Wil put it in the garage. More trouble than it was helpful. Wil never remembered to put the seat down and that was hard on my backside. Then after Millie left Yesterday I found a puddle of water in front of it. No idea how that happened. So out to the garage with it.

    Amazon has a transition chair which I will need to get in the tub. Of course it won't arrive until Oct or first of Nov. so now bath for me. :-)   I used one of those in the hospital, Medicare won't pay for one.  They paid for the commode thing that I'm not using.

    Last night I slept in my bed on my back, pillows under my legs. Tomorrow I have to call the surgeon and make an appointment to get the staples out. Of course I will have to find a ride.

    I need to get the kitchen floor mopped today when I see Wil straighten up as his back was bothering him before his shower.

    I am supposed to have in home therapy but at this point I wonder why. They said they can give Wil some too as falling asleep and muddling through his desk is not all he should be doing.

September 4, 2021

  • Time is flying to my birthday

    No cards for my birthday this year, not even a birthday cake. At 82 what did I expect?  Our anniversary is coming as well. Wil's niece may send a card for that but I'm not counting on it and does it really matter?

    Next week I am scheduled to get my drivers license renewed. When it comes time for Wil's renewal I will have to take him for an ID card as he doesn't drive any more. Since he doesn't vote any more I wonder if there is a purpose for him to have an ID card.

    Yesterday I spent time trying to get the release lever on the new Eureka stick broom. Customer service was no help at all, in fact when I asked to speak to some one else she hung up on me. The plastic holder for it didn't work on the wall either. Joe put it up and it moved a bit and I knew with the weight of the vacuum and battery it would pull out. Such short anchors and screws that came with it. So it just sits upright.

    I have a stick vacuum but plugging and unplugging every room made it hard on my back bending to plugs. So I figured buy a cordless. I hope that battery pack lasts a long time as I doubt they are cheap. Since I fired the floor lady I haven't found another, so that leaves it to me. My friend lost her cleaning lady and she can't find one either.  Pandemic has not helped. Thought I had someone but she wasn't vaccinated.  With the new Delta variant and the breaks in people like us that are vaccinated it leaves me to be careful.

    I've had some improvement in my back since the ablation, walking better. I still need a pain pill once in awhile but that is understandable with the arthritis etc. in the spine. So it may take me longer to sweep and mop floors but I'll get it done. Granted learning how to maneuver a bigger floor brush will take time. Meantime equipment with cords sits in closets.

    On another topic, Miss Kitty comes to eat every day. She stands far enough away as I put food out so she feels safe.  If I stopped feeding that would leave song birds to be preyed upon. I just wish the city required cats be like dogs are supposed to be, on your property or in your house.


August 23, 2021

  • Kitty will be back

    She is about 1 yr. old and has had kittens.  No idea where they are and can't go look. If I found them what would I do with them?  She won't be having any more. She will come back here, it is the area she knows and I can keep food and water for her. Or as someone suggested she could keep rats out of my yard and Lisa has never seen the mess next door.

    I will tell the neighbors to keep an eye out for kittens, but why?  It took two weeks to get kitty on the schedule to be sterilized.

August 13, 2021

  • Inconvenienced a friend

    I asked Karen for help getting the stray cat I had been feeding sterilized and maybe a new home. Big mistake. That sweet lady picked up the trapped kitty today only to find out it will be two weeks before her vet can do it.  So kitty is in her bathroom!

    I researched our Humane Society, that would be an appt. and drive clear across our town. The Animal Defense League is no longer doing it, trapped cats you would have to take a course from the TNR people and be accepted, the city is no longer doing it.  Where did all that money go to the facility in the city for the program?

    I think our city needs to research the ordinance that allows cats to run at large, un sterilized. No sense me suggesting that to my Council person.

    So I must never feed a stray cat! Can't bring myself to go out and chase it.

    I have cried today over that kitty, that is strange for me. Perhaps all the bottled up tears over losing daughter inched in.  I miss her terribly and Sunday is fast approaching when I won't see her.

July 27, 2021

  • Tuesday, little accomplished

    Got up late this morning, 6 a.m. grey cat laying outside the door, carefully step over him as telling him to move wouldn't work. I kept a hand on the wall in this endeavor as I drag to the bathroom with him right behind. He jumps up to the sink so I can turn the water on for him to lap the drain. No matter he has a bowl of water. :-)   I then stumble to the kitchen their bowls in hand with him right under foot.  I must of been crazy adopting him. lol

    I look out the window after I feed them and there is the white and black cat waiting. So I head out to feed him/her and the little saucer is missing. Look around can't see it, pour the dry food on the patio and go in. Oh wait some time while looking for the saucer pull some weeds. So the back I thought would by pass pain medicine turned out to need it.

    It's 7 p.m. I'm writing here and hear the chime on the front door indicating Wil went outside. Had to scurry out to see what he was doing. Has his sunglasses and a hat on standing on the sidewalk so I ask him to get the flag. He said that was why he went out. So I told him he could put water in the birdbath. That's what he is doing now, so I'll watch to see if he remembers the flag and comes in.  I wouldn't be to surprised if he goes around back to fill birdbaths as that is what he used to do. Well yes I will be surprised if he remembers that. He's got little short term memory as near as I can figure.

    This morning I spent time watching the Insurrection hearing at the Capital as the four officers described the torment they were subjected to.  I do hope the committee can get to the bottom of all those who instigated, supported those who tried to over turn my vote along with many others and turn our democracy upside down. Every time I see those videos and remember Jan 6th I get sick inside.

    On to better things.  One of my friends is coming by tomorrow with some peach pie she baked from a recipe in an Amish book I gave her. Wil is going to love it after he picks out the pecans. lol Betty is a woman that worked diligently at Carissa's house to clear a path. She did get carried away and now I have a better understanding of obsessives compulsive behavior. But she has a heart of gold.  I will not ask her to come help us get things out of the garage and shed Saturday for pick up by a mission group.

    Our probate attorney is now working on the legal papers Wil and I will need to have everything in order. He talked to Wil yesterday to get his consent and it was relief to hear Wil tell him it was OK to follow my instructions. I had talked to Wil earlier about what I had instructed Joel, not that he could grasp everything he knows we have no one know to leave our little estate to.

    I was surprised to learn for the medical power of attorney we do not need witness or notary. Just the Will.  So one can't go by forms they may find on the internet, they need an attorney.

    Just looked at that sentence, I had buy instead of by. You should of seen how many times windows caught spelling errors. :-)

    Time to go do supper dishes, Wil just came in and told me he was going out back to do the birdbaths!  He just went out the front door instead of the back. I told him Sparkle would probably be by the back garage door so I guess he figured he'd go the long way. It is amazing how his brain works and doesn't work.


July 14, 2021

  • Beautiful sunny day

    Had a lovely breeze this morning as I headed out to pick up the eye ointment ordered Monday. Haven't  been able to get away with tree trimming one day and someone scheduled to do floors. That means clear rugs, cat toys I can find. Plus strip bed. Turns out I misunderstood she doesn't do that as she works for realtors cleaning houses that are empty, like Carissa's. She just wanted to help me. So now it is search for someone as I won't have the previous person back.  She owes me for Carissa's electronics she took and wanted to buy, I won't see it, I don't care.  Well sort of don't care. I dislike people that use other people.

    Next week is the second 'block' on my back to see if I can have an ablation on the area above my fusion. Apparently the ones that failed were just in the wrong place if we figured it out. I am absolutely miserable when I get up in the morning. Trouble straightening up. Of course that could be the arthritis in the spine.

    Up at midnight this morning arguing with Mr.Grey it was not time to eat.  Cats can't seem to tell time, just you are up, "I eat".  I sit in the recliner with an ice pack on my back, TV on and fall asleep. Next thing I know he jumps on the recliner waking me up. He weighs around 11 lbs unless he gained since January.  He is not a lap cat, he crawls between my thigh and the arm of the recliner. He proceeds to roll waiting for me to pet him.  Every morning he does this regardless what time I sit down, regardless if I'm eating my cereal or drinking my tea. :-)

    Around 5:45 a.m. I will get up and prepare their wet food. I set his down and call Sparkle into the coloring room and shut the door so she can eat. I will color some then. When she walks away I open the door for Mr. Grey to come finish. Back to the recliner for me as I don't eat until 7 a.m. or later.  I take a pain pill at 6 a.m. or I wouldn't be able to do anything.

    During the day it is one or the other that wants lap or chair time but Sparkle will come back here as she seems to know the recliner is Mr.Grey.

    Thunder, a run out to get flag, wind blowing hard. Wil came and grabbed the flag until I could get it un hooked.  Both cats here with me, sign off.